Why should I invest in a Efficiency & Safety (maintenance) Agreement?

There are many reasons to invest in a maintenance agreement, such as: lower utility costs; longer equipment life; less equipment breakdowns; safety of the equipment; discount on parts and labor; and preferred customer service response.   


Can I purchase parts and / or equipment from Pro Air Environmental?

We are a contractor, not a supply house so we strictly install parts and equipment that we sell.


Why should I consider replacing my existing, old unit?

There are several reasons to consider replacing your old unit, such as: saving money due to new high efficiency equipment consuming less electricity and gas; new equipment improves your indoor air quality; new units are better insulated and thus eliminates much of the noise and vibrations of older units; and new higher efficient units utilize more environmentally friendly refrigerants.


Does Pro Air Environmental offer duct cleaning and air quality service?

Yes, we can provide a proposal to have duct work, registers and grilles cleaned.  Our duct cleaning crew utilizes HEPA vacuums approved by the EPA.


Does Pro Air Environmental offer free estimates?

We offer free estimates for new installations and equipment replacement.  We do not offer free estimates for service or repair of existing equipment.


Is Pro Air Environmental licensed and insured?

All our technicians are certified by the EPA to handle refrigerants, we are licensed by the State of New Jersey and we are insured against injury and property damage as per New Jersey State regulations.  Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.


Can I call Pro Air Environmental for service on a Saturday or Sunday?

You surely can.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  Keep in mind weekend rates will apply for service on a Saturday or Sunday.