Efficiency And Safety Agreement

As with your car, a cooling and heating system requires periodic service to maintain proper and safe operation.  Pro Air Environmental technicians, during a scheduled maintenance visit, will often be able to locate a potential problem and correct it, possible preventing a future costly and inconvenient breakdown.


For your cooling and heating equipment protection, we offer our "Efficiency & Safety Agreement."


Our trained professionals will inspect your cooling and heating equipment to insure they are operating efficiently.  Proper Maintenance of your equipment can reduce your cooling cost by 5%, provided the system is thoroughly inspected every three months (commercial agreement) by our technicians.  Regular maintenance will also extend the life of your equipment, as well as insuring your equipment is operating safely.


Benefits of Planned Maintenance

The following are some interesting facts to support the benefits of continued maintenance.


Air Conditioning

  • Dirty condenser coils increase your electric bill
  • Dirty evaporator coils can decrease efficiency, increase operating costs, and lead to compressor failure
  • Loose belts and worn pulleys will decrease air flow
  • Improperly charged unit can cause compressor failure
  • Improperly lubricated bearings will eventually fail
  • Dirt build up in the condensate drain/pan can lead to expensive water damage


  • Heat exchangers can develop cracks or become rusted out, increasing carbon monoxide risks
  • Dirty burners cause poor combustion, resulting in heat loss
  • Weak or dirty ignition pilot can go out causing the furnace/boiler to shut down
  • Defective thermocouple will cause the furnace/boiler to shut down
  • Safety controls, left uninspected, may cause a dangerous condition
Customized Maintenance Programs To Protect Your Investment
A commercial Efficiency & Safety Agreement entitles the client to priority 24/7 service.  It guarantees your equipment will be maintained to manufacturer's specifications and reduce power consumption.  In addition, It offers a 10% savings on all repairs.  Commercial maintenance agreements vary by use, tonnage, equipment type and quantity.  Please contact us for a no obligation maintenance agreement, or Efficiency & Safety Agreement" proposal.  Full service agreements are also available.
A residential Efficiency & Safety Agreement offers homeowners peace of mind.  Our technicians will inspect your central air system twice per year.  Our inspection includes, but not limited to: furnace cleaning and inspection, including burners; clean or replace air filters; inspect all safety and operating controls; check all wiring; check freon charge; inspect heat exchanger.  Humidifiers, if installed, will be checked and cleaned as well.
Our residential maintenance agreements start at $180.00 per year (based on one system.)