A/C & Heating Installation/Replacement

Whether new construction, unit replacement, or unit upgrade, Pro Air Environmental, LLC works with the client every step of the way.  We provide a quality installation that is going to ensure years of trouble free operation.  When you hire us for new equipment or replacement, you'll benefit from our knowledge of many manufacturer models and a commitment to energy efficiency.  Our installers take pride in their work.  They always take time to test and perform all required adjustments to ensure the equipment is operating correctly, safely, and at maximum efficiency.


We at Pro Air Environmental, LLC have years of experience working with contractors, construction managers and owners for both new construction and renovation projects.  We are familiar with many comfort solutions so we can quickly identify which solution will work best for the client's specific location and location's use.  We have been active in comfort solutions for stores, office buildings, churches, computer facilities, homes, condos, etc.


Pro Air Environmental will be there from inception of your new installation; designing the ideal system for your comfort needs.  From load calculations to equipment selection to air outlet locations, we will provide the client with quality service, which results in "Total Indoor Comfort."


All of our load calculations are computer based and utilizes "Manual J" for residential loads and "Manual N" for commercial loads.


When your current equipment is ready for replacement, Pro Air Environmental will remove the equipment and install the next generation of "Energy Efficient" unit(s) in its place.  Whether you require unit replacement for a home or an entire office building, our highly experienced group will provide the highest quality craftsmanship in the industry.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on our replacement services, and for a quotation on new equipment as well.